by accident, I unwittingly gave a santa sled to a random person..

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Do you know the moment and you just wake up wanting to have fun in cubic castles? So this was my case, when I woke up, I went directly to play, when I entered, minutes later, I entered a maddkat hollawarp, I think a true / false game, when I entered, I drove my car to Make sure the car error + glass was active with the intention to warn madd, but when I drove my sled, appeared the message to press yes and no and pressed "yes". This is really annoying, everyone may have almost pressed on yes but others pressed yes, and that was what gave, I was without car, a person was happy, but I'm not happy...

If you could count a few cubits so I can recover the lost sled, I'll really appreciate every single cube you give, but in case no one can help, okay, I'll simply delete the post and check with my cubic friends if they can help me, thank you! s/2

in falcon's market have a pig bank, if u can donate, i really thank you

Annonymous Hero peoples donated in pig:

Hero1: Now 10k, really thanks! :D


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