Item Pass Sentries

I had this idea for adventure maps, but what if there was a sentry that would only let you pass if you had a certain item in your inventory? Here's how it would work:
You place the sentry on the door, and a little menu pops up, wanting you to set a number from 1-10.
You set your number, let's say, 4.
Then, there will be an item frame (like the Link door stamp) above the door, with nothing in it. You select whatever item or block you want the sentry to use, and click on the door. It shows a picture of that item in the frame, letting you know you need that item to pass.
Since you set the number value to 4, it means you need 4 of that item. So, if you selected a mushroom, and clicked on the door to assign it, with the 4 number value, you would need 4 mushrooms in your inventory to pass it.
This could work well with adventure realms, because you could hide prize machines around the map with the item (mushroom in this example) so they player must find all the items to pass.
Obviously, players could just bring their own items, but you could put this later on in the map, so that players would have to forfeit all their progress to run to their storage and grab the item if they wanted to cheat, instead of just doing it like you built it.
Just a suggestion @SirKewberth @CosmicCow to think about :)
@space_fetus what do you think of this?


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    Or make a item similar to seekers that connects to a doorway and then you can place that item some where else. Once a player finds and collects that item they can go through the door.
  • idk , not to sure about lets see what the devs have to say
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