Cubic Nametag Donations

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My friend in-game wants to change her name, but neither she nor I have the funds to pay for a nametag. So I'm reaching out on the forums :D
I'm asking for donations to reach 9k to buy a nametag from a shop :3 Any amount of cubits you donate helps, I wanna get the nametag in time for Christmas to give it to her then!
I know for some of you, buying a nametag wouldn't make you blink twice, but I am quite poor in-game, as I have never bought cubits. So can you donate? Like I said, any amount helps :3
I have a tip piggy by the door of MELTDOWN's Realm, if you're feeling charitable, go drop off an amount! :D If this works, she'll be super happy :'3
(no, she has no idea I'm trying to get her a nametag)

Currently Raised: 4,110c/9,000c


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