How to edit profile on mobile

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So, I've seen lots of new forumers not knowing how to edit their profile when they're on the mobile version of the forums so I decided to made a guide! :D


- Go to the discussion area and scroll to the bottom. You will find a button saying "Full Site".

Press it and you'll be on the full site.


- After you switch to the full site, you can see a "Edit Profile" button on the top right.

Press it and you will be able to edit your profile.

"But how do I switch back to the mobile version?"

- Just like how you got to the full site, go to the discussions area and scroll to the bottom. You will find a "Back to Mobile site" button.

Press it and you'll be back to the mobile version.

I hope this helped.
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    Helpful guide for those who need it :D
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    Helpful guide, and AY FREE ADVERTISING!
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