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the rental idea is kinda wasted ,the only the palce that might be using it correctly is pen yard rental , i have a suggestion for rentals because whenvever players create rentals realms ,other players r scared that they might get scammed,so i was if there was a block ,which whould be craftable , and like a bumper when ever u jump on it or use wand,it will give u a list of wearable items from which u choose an item it will show the item on it with a glass like an image of it and when the bumper is taken the image dissapear,it should looks alteast different then item in a glass, so its wont be used for scamming,
even if u forget about ur rental time u wont lose items
players will be able to trust new rentals realms
rentals block will get popular again

i am not sure to much about it ,give ur thought on it in comments


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    If a player doesn't trust a rental, don't use it. Pen is already an option, and a better choice. People are well aware of the place and visit it often. If something was to be done about rentals, I rather have an official one.
  • thats why i gave that suggestion, so it will be more easy for players to sell items cause the pen yard is the only option and there r no open rentals, its hard to find an open 1 and and i think holla is kind of expensive newbie players
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