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Hi, it's me -SkyWing- , and in this discussion I wanna talk about my own suggestions about a future update! Here's some!

- Enable/Disable Clan Name from player profile

-More clan abilities, more clan blocks and clan quests for Clan Games hosted by the clan owner!

-Clan World: A simple realm with a clanstone on the middle, clanstone of the clan world can't be broken. In this world all Clan Members have permission to build/mine!

-Clan abilities: Reset clan world ( cost 5000 clan points ), Give clan points ( give any ammount of clan point to a clan mate )!

-Clan Points: like cubits but Blue! They can be obtainable when you levelled up your clan to level max: lv 5, the clan exp will turn into Clan Points! You can store the points in the Clan Bank, a new clan block. Clan Points are used to buy clan realms, clan blocks ecc!

-More Languages: Since many players doesn't know english, we would like more languages on this game! This is my opinion: 1 or 2 best players of every country are choosen by some admins and the choosen players will help the admins to translate the things in their own language!

-New Mod Sistem: Every country has its own Moderator. Example: Gdog ( England ) MAOU ( France ) ecc...
To be a Mod, you must be 18+.
Every 2 months there will be a new post on forum by CosmicCow, they will choose 7 players every 2 months, and all people can vote on the post who they want to be moderator. 1st player with more vote wins the election and he can choose to be mod or not, if he doesnt want to be mod anymore the 2nd that got more votes be the mod!

-The Adventure Update!!!!! : Mines will be 5000x5000 ( Only the mines, the other players realms will be still 99x99 ), and the mines contains more biomes in the same Mine World. New dungeons can be found in the mine, like small houses, doorways portals that leads you to a magic land, small chests hidden under the ground, ecc... That can be cool, and also a new way to get profits by hunting Unique items that can be found only in dungeons, like Ancient Qbee Skull, More fossils, Power Stones, Gold Helmets, ecc.

-New Max Level '100' !

-New Perks: Here's some spoiler: Farmer Mastery: plants grow 35% faster when you are in the realm, Treasure Hunter: 15% to find a Relic Legendary item from Dungeon Chest
Cubuts: Unlocks at level 100, You will get 37500 cubits to get the max level!


-Dungeon Mines Blocks: as I said all mines in the overworld will be 5000x5000 with new biomes and dungeons. There are unique items to get from here, like DUNGEON CHEST, Skeletons Inna Box... And also some collectables ultrarare items or new clothing that are only obtainable from here.

That's all, do you like it ? If this update comes out cubic castles community will grow and this will be the REVOLUTION of the game :)


  • - Clan names : Already suggested +1
    - clan abilities : +1
    - mmm na it can lead to scam very easily : -1
    - Clzn abilities : why not +0
    - Clan points : interesting +0
    - Yeah! But what do you mean by "best"? +1
    - XD There would be 150+ moderators so. And they're chosen by their acts and trusted by admins. So it woud be so random and messy -1
    - No. Simple cause : for some players, the mountain mine is already lagging if they turn the camera down. And it is juet 100*100. So 5 000*5 000 wouldn't be supported on all devices. -1
    - They're already planning to add lvl I believe so yeah +0
    - Dungeon : you can't get werables and those kind of blocks like chest in mines so this is not really a mine (which are creared to gather resources...) -1
  • Okay
  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
    Thats a very big mine o-o
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