Now, I am okay at editting.
However, my video editting software doesn't edit audio much so I'd find it a pain to make good sounds, etc.
But I decided to let the community make songs from my recording sample!
Download Link: (08).mp4
If you don't trust MediaFire (it's the only download site I know how to use), here is the YouTube video link. YouTube does not like stealing other's videos however I give you permission to "steal" this one.

YouTube Video Link (Read Description):

I'd like if you could credit me for giving these samples if you happen to use them. I don't mean anything big, maybe at the start of the first 3 sec of the music (if it has ANY video to it) have on screen "Samples by
1. Doge Master
2. Doge Master YouTube
3. Real Doge Master on Cubic Castles

Hope I could help!
Alright, bye!
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