Cubic Castles Community Discord Server

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What is this sorcery?! A community server for discord?!?!
Yes! With the Cubic Castles community growing we thought a semi official Discord server could come in handy. So what can you expect from the server?
Well first off the people. There are many players you can meet and make friends with. The server is decently active and you will find someone to talk to pretty often. You can also find most of the game staff in there to give you a hand when needed.
For channels I'd like to mention that there are dedicated channels for reports news and many more. You will find a place to buy/sell/trade goodies if you're into that or an events channel for fun activities and freebies. Oh freebies.. who doesn't like free stuff? You can share your videos, art memes with other server users through the dedicated channel and more.
Also with the help of our dear dirt block Raizuseku we have a custom bot with many current and future commands.

How to join?
If you're interested in making friends or just looking for help you can find both in there. To join simply use the link below.
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