Whats Your TOP 3 Favorite album?

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Whats Your TOP 3 Favorite album??

For Me,

1.Digitalism - I Love You,Dude

2.Tiga - DJ-Kicks

(I like Soft Cell - ...So ~ Tiga - Madame Hollywood (Tiga's Mister hollywood mix) part!)

3.Digitalism - Mirage

(Track 3 from mirage album,Go Time)

Comment your favorite Albums :D


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    Lorde - Melodrama

    And the Classic:

    Lorde - Pure Heroine


    Lorde - Melodrama

    @-@, yes I know, I'm a fan.
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    Duke Dumont-Ocean drive
    Bryan Adams-Summer 69
  • LumainLumain Member
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    1st Album: XOXO (2013)
    Kiss version: Korean w/ Repackage

    2nd Album: Call Me Baby (2015) w/ Repackage

    4th Album: The War (2017) w/ Repackage
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    Nando datte, Suki. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~
    Artist: Honeyworks

    Kimi no na wa/Your Name Both Japanese And English

    Sword Art Online:Ordinal Scale Original Soundtrack (Disc 2)
    Artist: Yuna /ユナ (神田沙也加
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