Friend lists suggestions(Because friend lists had tp/delete friends Only)

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1:We need check our friends when active,because maybe they busy but didnt' said:'sorry i should offline soon'
Furthermore:We can delete useless friends because they being 'ghosts'(Offline too long) ,therefore waste our friends list :/
2:Private Chat:
3:mass delete:Add So Much friends that waste our seat


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    I've always wanted more changes to the friend list. It would be helpful for us to see when friends last logged off and try to find a time to meet them.
  • Yeah Maybe We date with friends but they has something to do ,then leave us alone without remind :l
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    or sent text messages, that be better cuz some qbee be inside a lock realm or realm you were banned from, instead of using a third party app
  • Hmm maybe friend list there can add private chat for friends ,more idea :)
  • Ugghh I definitely could use a mass delete!
  • Yes, this is very much needed.
    Ashibug said:

    Ugghh I definitely could use a mass delete!

    Agreed, this is much needed too xD
  • Lol,maybe i can change this discussion name to Friend lists suggestions XD
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