I hope you don't fix this bug!!! Its cool... Jumping into new webs allows u up into other blocks

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Its just like how we can use glass as an elevator bug.
But if you place one of the new spider webs from this years halloween pack under other blocks you can jump up and into the blocks.. Sir.Scaffolder & I discovered this one on accident in my shop and were having fun going through the diamond block that was above the web...


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    lucaaa795 said:

    I tested it and i wasn't able to replicate it...Are you sure it wasnt a foamed block?

    Same for me, it didn't work ...
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    Works very well. Sir Scafolder and i were playing with it in my shop. Just put the NEW web under a block... mine was under diamond and we jumped up into it and went right through the diamond above it as well... Fun
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    Me either, am I doing this right?
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