Are the item labels (as in common, rare, ect...) Correct on the items page for new halloween pack?

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Wondering if the items rarity has been correctly labeled for the halloween stuff?
I'm asking because it has all the new stuff labeled as 'common'
BUT i spent 100k on packs...
No spider-brella, or pet at all! AND only 2 werewolf masks...
AND only 1 of each new qbee-head mask... except the erm eagle-looking one, i got 2 of those as well
The rest i got a decent amount of.
But there's no way even my pack luck is THIS BAD!?!?!?!!??


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    Not correct. As I have mentioned in another thread I didn't do the rarity this year and I think I will be removing the rarity colours from the page as they do not accurately reflect the actual rarity of the items in the game. 2 werewolf masks and mutants etc.. is actually pretty decent.
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
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    Ok, good to know. Thank you for that
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