Drian23 why i hate him

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Drian23 seems like a nice and friendly youtuber but he is a jerk he lures you in and with his friend accumpanied by him cant remember something that starts with an M but it seemed legit all everything they didnt have perm so i went along with it and did their game which was the worse choice i ever made and this is my second pet i lost in october why does this keep happing to me plus i lost my iconic traffic hat to him the one you see in the picture in my profile. R.I.P- Spider Pet Named Mr. Rex Goodbye :( and im trying to get more cubits but im out of offers so im sellingmy cat for 3-4k and my light snow stamp thats bottomless for 2-2.5k so plz if you could come to my realm because i quitted and came back hiving this game one more chance and i will be trough i played this game for a long time and sadly i will stop supporting it if i dont get back on my feet- Angel(that is my real name plus im a nice and friendly guy who jokes around but this was seriously the worst month for me man :'( i mean it ).

I dont know where to put it and pls cosmic dont tell me it was all my fault


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    #hatedrain23 what the haybales support! Drain23 isn't perma banned yet! Idk why, but there are already alot of people complaining about him :/ idk why he hasn't been dealt with @the ig mods,@support,@staff
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    Send a ticket to the support and BAM ! problem solved . I don't think public shaming is allowed on the forums though .
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    Don't play these games and post in scam reports with evidence if you want them punished.

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