Honey's Valentine Suggestions =) (New item added)

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So,I will bump these until Valentine coming :P (Sorry make your annoying)


1st idea!
Beefsteak with fork(Holdable)(Look at Honey Bomb hand)
Cotton candy bouquet(Holdable)(Look at the suit jacket man hand beside Honey Bomb)

Butterfly (can be placed on wall , floor)


1:Lovely Fence
2:Kissy Bench
3:LovelyHotAirBallon(Only get from valentine pack)(Realm Stamp)
4:Macaron On Plate

6:Lovely FireCracker
7:Wedding Dress
8:Flower Baskets
9:WeddingDreamEntrance(Door Stamp)

10:Champagne Tower(No Alcohol)

Etc I Didn't Draw

1:Fancy Candles:

2:Roses Environment(Falling Petals)
3:Ceiling flowers(5blocks long 7blocks higher)
Type 1:

Step to place:
Step1:Place first block:

Step2:Place second block at first block opposite:

Step3:Look at these blocks edge it is the key!

Step4:Magic!The ceiling connected those blocks! *^^* :

Last Step:Imagine Ceiling flowers can down 7scales :D :

Type 2:

5:Colored Roses(Possible get 5 roses from each valentine pack.You get white only,if you want colored use dye)(Can be placed on floor, wall)

6:Valentine Cushion:

7:Valentine Chocolates (But On Plate)

8:Valentine Umbrella!(Added!)

9:Valenmobile!(No Available on pack)(Can make heart shapes gasoline when u drive)Added ! But no gasoline c;
10:Heart Chest
11:Cupid dolls
12:Valentine Letters(Can mail to someone or read it(consume))
13:Chocolate/Strawberry fountain!

14:Emotional Marshmallow:


16:Rose wand:when shot once a rose will explosive then run out so many pieces!(Non using battery)
17:Pink Clouds Environment
18:Androgynous ice cream bouquet(Holdable)

19:Valentine workbench
20:Dove pet nest

21:Umbrella with Rainy cloud (Sad Valentine)

Within my valentine :)


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