Can't play cc right now...

RightMakerRightMaker PhilippinesMember
So yeah,Oct.16,2017 A beautiful evening while i am playing a guitar.
I suddenly felt dizziness and weakness on the left side of my body.
Even tho im wondering what happend,I still refuse to go to the doctor.But i guess, my problem is i keep on skipping sleeps with a reason of playing video games :( .So yeah,I decided to leave cc for a mean time due of my sick.

If you have the same experience.
Feel free comment!

Cya have a nice day
(I can still feel it)


  • UU Member
    Oh no, get better soon!
  • Well Rm if this keeps up (the weakness on ur left side) I would see a doctor. Safe than sorry. Get well mate :)
  • never happened to me...
  • Get well soon rm. I agree with blue, see a doctor. I think it is better if you know what exactly is causing it so you can modify your lifestyle a bit.
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