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I can’t find any of these answers, so if you have built with pixel blocks I would appreciate some help. Please don’t speculate; I need verified information.

1. Since you get a variety of colors, are the blocks dyeable? (I only need one color.)
2. How may pieces may you remove from a single block?
3. When you remove a piece of the block, does the piece disappear or do you get to keep the piece and use it elsewhere?
4. Once a piece is removed from a block, can you pick up the block and use it elsewhare retaining the shape you made?


  • *SnowyOwl**SnowyOwl* Member
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    1. No
    2. 8
    3. it does disappear and you don't get it back (no)
    4. No
  • Thank you snowy owl, but #3 is not a yes or no question.
  • 1. nope
    2. 8
    3. it would completely disappear and you can't restore it unless (#4)
    4. If you completely removed all 8 pieces on one block, you can't get the block again however if there is one or more pieces remaining, you could get the block back by using bombs... (there's no other on picking up the block except bombs)
  • Thanks Kurt
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