The Roleplay Game! (Returns)

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The rules are simple. You just roleplay and have fun! Here's an example.

10thStormyNight: *Hides in abandoned fox den, snuggling up between two fluffy rabbits* I sure am glad you guys are with me!
SirCubeWithin: *Sees Stormy with the rabbits* Umm....what are you doing there?
TumblingBush: *Attacks from behind CubeWithin....WITH A CORN STALK* Hehehe, take that!* *giggles*

Annnd so on.

Remember all posting rules and official forum rules.
Keep kid-friendly - no cussing, etc.
Don't be too overpowering or immortal, it keeps it fun and fair.
Of course, you can change your name and animal any time.

You can be any creature, animal, person, or mythical thing. Just remember not to be too crazy powerful!
(Animals and people such as: a dragon, a wolf, a bird, the police, a normal citizen, anything's allowed)

The Scene IS - Everyone's in a forest, with a large lake/pond in the center.

Just fill out this form and start roleplaying - you don't need to wait to be accepted :P
Roleplay Name:
What You'll Be: (wolf, person, etc)

Then just start roleplaying!


Roleplay Name: Quetzil
Roleplay As: hmm...why not be...a small dragon??!?!? hehe


  • CubyMayaCubyMaya Member
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    I'll play (name: ninalexus)(I'm a fairy)

    *lays down on a lily pad floating on top of the beautiful lake*

    *bushes start shaking*

    ??? :0

    Continue from there....
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    RPN: BMO :D
    Im a robot :D

    *comes out of bushes, giggling*

    Wee! *trips* whoops! *screen cracks*

    FAIRY! I can jump over de rocks to get to de fairy!

    *slips* Ooohhoohhh! *discharge*

    To be continued...
  • LightosphereLightosphere Member
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    Name : Meo (Cat)
    *explores forest*
    Hopefully there is a lot of food to eat

  • TumbleweedTumbleweed FamiliarMember, Familiar
    68.20 KarmaFamiliar

    *explores the forest excitedly, looking for fun things to do*
  • 60.00 Karma
    *comes out of water*

    Heehee *zap zap* Yuohh...

    *falls down* *screen cracks more*
  • MedicationsMedications Member
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    RN : Med ( cat )

    *Exploring the place then saw Meo*

    "Hey!, Thats my milk! D: "
  • RarixRarix Member
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    RN : Med ( cat )

    *Exploring the place then saw Meo*

    "Hey!, Thats my milk! D: "

    RN : Rary

    *Comes with a bomb in his hands"

    "Hey, i found a cake, let's eat!"

    *Bomb countdown beguns (3 Second)*
  • SpaceChickenSpaceChicken Member
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    roleplai naem:kip (mlg chicken)
    *Takes out his mlg 360 noscope sniper rifle*
    *eats rary's cake*
    *finds the bomb*
    *tries to mlg 360 noscope it*
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    Help me!


    I am lost!
  • epieownzepieownz Member
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    RN: Rory the Reaper

    *Keeps a watchful eye*
    *Mentally prepares itself for people/ qbees/ creatures to die*
  • 6.60 Karma
    (I am no ordinary chicken with no name)

    *Looks at all the dead creatures*
    Uh oh!

    *Thunder starts rumbling*

  • 60.00 Karma
    I spot the chicken

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