Fake cubic town centre

razak8razak8 Member
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beware guys someone made a fake town center, the owner uses it for dropping item scams, u can know the difference by the prize and raffle box


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    Do you know the owners name?
  • Reaper BearReaper Bear USAMember
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    TobiFJ is owners name, already reported
    @SirKewberth @CosmicCow
  • razak8razak8 Member
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    no its not him,it was someone else the owne name was something like lollelolo,something like i made a hola there and harry potter did also there, but i hope the moderators can ban that realm ,so none get scam, i have warp fodd of that palce
  • razak8razak8 Member
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    that idiot said to me ,if i want a UV shades and said tp to me and when i tp to him he was in the secret room in the cubic town center, and said drop ur d angles here and i will give u uv and balloon, he thought i was dumb enough to not know that no one gives free
    super rare stuff in cubic castles . whats wrong with those people.
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    so thats how he got rich o.o
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    My bad! Slow internet!
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
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    Dealt with, the owner should be banned and the realm nuked
  • llBIMBYllllBIMBYll Member
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    Ed said:

    Dealt with, the owner should be banned and the realm nuked

    It reminds me of the korean nuke meme XD anyways the realm's still there, im still there

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    I seem that guy scam people in that realm I wish I known why this game just don't have scammer and no fake report then the mod would have a easy time but if I was a mod I know how it feel to be non stop workings but I can handle them easy I been able to run a clan who got 1 troll and 2 people who fights a lot but I stop the fight always
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