A question about PoultryMan Level 1 Perk - Cause its not workin right for me

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I have PoultryMan Level 1 Perk, and 2 chics.
Now PoultryMan Level 1 Perk is 2 chics per realm...
And i have one chic in my room with my main farm & crops growing.
But i wasnt able to place a chic in any other realm/room even though the perk states: per realm
Was i experiencing a glitch here?
Very confused, can anyone help??


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    I think it's two chicks in one realm. You either read it wrong or it's a typo.
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
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    Edited since i've recieved a few answers (n dont wanna multi-post) in case anyone else is havin this issue. It is 2 per realm. I can place a chic in every single realm i own but one.
    However, i also cant place inna boxes of any type in this realm and have it work. I also noticed my farm where i currently have 2 chics, and lots of inna-boxes... Each day over the course of the last 3 days a inna box stopped working? Not sure why. Now im down to only 2 inna boxes. And if i picked up one that was working, when i placed it down it wouldnt come out even though it was just out... Not sure whats goin on here. But a help ticket is in the works. Hopefully this gets figured out
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