On Building Ideas.

Whenever I build something based on a concept has been done already, I just hate it when people say:

"Oh (insert popular builder here) did that thing better :P"
"I think there's already something like that and that's the best already haha"
"There is something like that i saw it before why are you copying it! IDEA SCAMMER!"

What are building concepts supposed to be, rental plots that last for a lifetime? When it's already taken you can't use it as an inspiration?

Like now, I'm building a huge 99x99 flying pirate ship at the side of my realm.

People come and ask what I'm building, I say it's a ship.

they've seen space_fetus' pirate ship, G Dragon says space fetus' is the best, some say i stole the idea, some say f.etus did it better.

I respect fetus' builds. They're good to look at and he's very good at building. I've seen it too.

Why can't you just let me build a damn thing and not compare it with something else that's better?

Heck, am I competing with other builders? NO!
I just like to build, that's what I do when I'm bored. Do I have to be the first one of everything? Do I have to make a beautiful ship and make everyone call it the best? HECK NO!


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    Hi Pyreon here is my advice and piece on the matter <3. One word Jealously. Many people lack the motivation to do a project and are held back from building. Due to this they want to try to hold anyone who is trying back with them. Everything has been done if you want to factor in Minecraft but that is not what is important. What is important is your take on it and how you execute it. I can not tell you how many times people tell me that I suck, I should stop building, that there are better builders like dread, why even try, and more.

    Pyreon I know it is not easy to weather the criticism but I know you have thick skin. All builds are important, there is no "best builder". It is true that there are people with high levels of skill but does that make their build better? The answer is no. If we left building all up to a single person because they were the greatest there would be no builds. Where would the fun be in that? Every build has a great importance for two reasons!

    A. It is a reflection of your soul, you took the time to convey something isolated in your mind that only you could see. You took that vision and are bringing it from a place that no one has access besides you breathing life into to where all can see. To me that is on the same level of having a super power.

    B. Someone will look at your build and they will think to theirself I want to build like that. You by having built something will give rise to more builders. It takes just the right build in the right place to spark the creativity in a person.

    I love you Pyreon and while building is an uphill battle I know you are the right man for the march ^_^!
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    Even if you did get inspired to build it after seeing mine, so what. People should be Allowed to be inspired to create their own awesome thing! I would much rather see my boat inspire 20 more boats than 0. But at the same time its not the most crazy out there idea, I'm sure you could of come up with the idea all on n your own too XD just ignore it and build something awesome!
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    Those guy should build instead of wasting your time with such childish talks.

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