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Im Done

For the past few weeks rumors that was made by a person, spreads, Attention seeker, faker, begger, it kinda is Sad that, this people's are believing in something that is not even True, i also realised that i am done with this, and i dont care anymore because deep inside i Know, that i am more Better then them, i an Beautifull, and i am Happy the way i am right now, hater's gonna hate hate hate, even if Those people will try to bring me down, i will continue on climbing up and i will forever Prove that They are Wrong! they are forever wrong, and yes when i finish posting this thread, they would make More words for me such as ' plastic ' for Sure. But hey, say what ever You want, because you will never ever bring me down, because i have beauty inside me, This is will be the last time, i will ever Answer this rumors, thank's


  • PiousPious Member
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    I hear ya', sister.
  • WuffyWuffy Member
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    What is this all about?
    What have you done and what is their problem anyway?
  • ValyreenaValyreena Member
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    Pious said:

    I hear ya', sister.

    Wuffy said:

    What is this all about?
    What have you done and what is their problem anyway?

    Its complicated but i have not done anything..
  • GoldbusterGoldbuster Member
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    Haters gonna hate

    Dey see me rolllin dey hatin

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    Don't let the haters bring you down Valy! They are probably just jealous, but your true friends will know you are not like this :)
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