Beware of hacking/training software

SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
Just a warning. If you attempt to run hacking tools on Cubic written by someone other than yourself, you open yourself up to having your account passwords stolen. So be careful of claims by 3rd parties and hackers/trainers. When you choose to run this software on your machine you're basically giving someone access to your computer. In particular someone who's already shown they have an interest in trying to break things/cheat etc.. It's not in your best interest to trust this kind of software. Virus and malware checkers won't protect you in a case like this.

This of course violates our terms of service for accounts, but I wanted to post a warning, in case people thought it was harmless to download and try these sorts of programs if they were offered. I wanted you to be aware that there's a risk associated with running unofficial software. (as well as unofficial web sites promising free items or cubits etc..)

There will always be people attempting to cheat the game, or cheat honest players out of their cubits/accounts etc... We do what we can to counter these things, but it's something that all online games have to deal with as a regular part of maintaining the game. Sadly this takes time away from the good work we could be doing, adding new features and improving the game itself.
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