Oh my gawd!

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Oh my gawd! Never knew this would happen! @.@

So first! I was givving My friend a Tour at my project, Dream escape.

And then this Happend! Right as i spawned i saw a innocent door looking at me!

I was so shocked to see this door! And i realized their was a black sign! It said put this door anywhere You want. If u dont want to its okay. And a little touch of -SK

I was so scared and i paniced! I thought i was being hack or something, and i Tped to my friend assasination and went to investigate what was in the door. I didnt go inside, but nation and Flareon did, and when they cameback they were Jumping, and i was like wha?

Then flareon said, come in! And then i stepped in the door, and saw it was sir kewberth's museum!

I was so shocked and was so happy, i never expected this to happend o-o and i was shocked for 10minutes then, flareon and assasination was laughing at me because " I thought " i was being hacked. And yes it was so hilarous and funny xD

But omg! Im so happy! Thank you so much cubic castles community! :D

Okay! After i posted this thread i heard from a Friend, that the reason i was Invited in the Museum, is because i begged.. Like umm. Im not that confident to Begg, and it's just weird for that someone would actully do that .-. And the thing that pisses me so much is That she was one of my friends and i have him in my FL , still cant acept that i actully leted a Fake friend trough my teretory x.x

"Quote" not exposing him or her, thats why, it might be weird that i used Him and Her or she and he,
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