A Halloween Map!

Halloween is Near!

Last year I have builted a Halloween Project called, Halloween Central! Hope You enjoy!
Pictures for halloween Central Loading - - - - -

First Of all the Zombie Grave Yard! That green Thingi that looks like a tree is a hand!
Im still learning how to build 3D so yeah ! The stone one is a tombstone, and the Orange one a Autmn Tree :D!

Next one is the Witching Area! I was going to. Add a Broom but it was kinda hard, so I chosed a potion!
The potion was extremely Hard!

The Third one will be a Pumpkin Garden! I added Jack o lantersand stuffs, a Scarecrow and some flying Crows
Were supposed to be added but It was cancelled,

Lastly the Haunted Mansion! I wanted to Make the haunted mansion kinda Brokened But i kinda forgot
To add it, their are 2 Pictures for the haunted mansion the Main mansion and the spooky ghost's! >:D

the Ghost's

I Hope You enjoyed The showcasing for Haunted Mansion! :D! If u ever wanna check it out
Just search " Halloween central " at the Lobby! :D i have ideas on Improving the Build this year, or make another
Part of it Featuring " Vampires Cove , Frankenstines Tower! , the Kraken , zombie Town " Not sure if Theyd be added tho
Or if they were to be a Second part of it, it may be possible to change the featured Monsters into different kinds!
The Part 2 might be pusponed next year tho, i also have an idea on creating a Mexican Halloween theme, with a castle and
Mexican balloons with skeleton Faces, so yeah :D
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