Falcon Claw Empire

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Heyyo! :D
My Name is Valyreena, i have Builted a Map called Falcon claw Empire!
Long time ago. Probably Like 7-8Months ago? I had an Idea of Making a medieval rustic town
I was so excited about it! Me and my friends including "*Pro playz* , Len , GoldBusters naegi Kun " and some other
Players, i kinda forgotted their names because of the Numbers they added in their names, but me and my crew Built Falcon claw empire
Our First day Building at falcon claw empire, was great! :D days has passed and falcon claw empire was Almost done,
It took us 1Week to finish the Huge project, until we finally Finished it! And when we finally Saw the Map view, we could tell
It was all worth it. Here are some pictures For Falcon claw empire Hope You guys enjoy! ^^

These are The Pictures from the Viewing Platform, the next pictures i am about To Show You is from The Inside! How you guys like it :D!

Hope You Guys enjoyed it! :D
Their maybe Someparts that Looks weird or un-Understandable, i am just a builder who Makes art! And we Builders
Experiment on New things! I will be creating More Maps in cc! If you wanna check The Realm just search in lobby,
Falcon claw Empire, their are also places That connects to this realm such as,
Hinter's amusement & Wolin Museum :D Thank you! Also this is my first ever Thread >:D


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