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Okay hear me out, I know this is absurd but hear me out first :)

You want to buy a new space for your builds but you can't decide between realm and room
you decided to buy a room instead of a realm but after a while and lots of things happened, you really want a this room to be a realm but u cannot. sad life.

maybe you can introduce a new item in the game name ( just for ex. Land Certification or Property Title ) that can make any rooms to a realm BUT IT WILL COST more same cubits.

By doing this, people will have more flexibility on managing their rooms :)

if you hate it it's okay. it's just my opinion :)
Room to Realm
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    some puzzles have rooms for the prizes cause they cant cheat but in another point changing it to a realm will be easier to go via lobby so i choose to have a realm/room option.
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    Good idea, but I hope that it would be expensive enough that you can't abuse it (buying rooms and using realm to room instead of just buying a realm)
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    double the price of the room
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    double the price of the room

    that'd be cheaper than realms
    5x5 room=150c
    5x5 realm=2000c+
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