Make a SURVEY on what people think of cubic castles in the longrun

I suggest that sirkewberth should put a poll or a survey about what people think to add in this game for long term playability.

idk but most people is bored from farming right away. aside from me.
like car update, at first it was a hit few weeks later no one races now and no one really buys car idk why.

i suggest lots of times about clan wars but lots of people disagreed. :) it's okay but i do really think it is a good addition
put Chinese newyear pack etc. like this kind of update, Japanese stuff update, cowboy stuff. Like in any other games they have lots of variety in their pack updates.

i'm not forcing the game creators to do such i thing but if they want this game to last another 3 years, they really need to put a very good update.

i know that they made farm update so players the play longer and get don't go to the point of boredom.

more levels more perks?

no hard feelings but as a players since 2014. some packs have ugly items on it and lots of player do notice.


have more customization for your qbee character avatar.

this is all just my thoughts so :) it's ok to hate it.


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    Theres lots of things to be done and theres only 2 or 3 developers working on cc right now
    Other games have a big team of developers, thats why they deliver updates so often
    And im pretty sure anyone who still plays to this point is enjoying the game even if there are moments of boredom
  • You're free to do the poll yourself, Kewberth may take a look at it even if it's not his .
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