1. Slider
Pushes the qbee on it to the space the arrow on it is pointing to.
Looks like a black cube with a yellow arrow on it

2. Opposite Slider
Whatever direction you go onto it it pushes you off the opposite side.
Looks like a black cube with two double sided yellow arrows that cross each other

3. Long Slider
Whenever you step on it it keeps pushing you in the direction until you hit a wall.
Looks like a black cube with three smaller yellow arrows on it

4. Random Slider
Like a normal slider but sends you in a random direction
Black cube with a yellow question mark on it

These can be placed on each other to be combined. Like putting a random on a long, but a slider cant be placed on a random. Another way may be to combine them in an anvil (not tools maybe?).

With this would come some bad things. Like maybe people put infinite loops, but then again the same goes for some accello rings.

I would love to see this especially for fun mazes or puzzles. Please tell me if there is a type of slider you would like to see.


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