Quality of Life: Vending Machines

The only way to sell multiple stackable items separately in the same vending machine is to drop them one by one on to a fern (or other ways with glass, but its still manual and time consuming). My idea would let you set the amount you would like to sell for the price you set. Example: Say you want to sell 10 dirt per 1c (10/c), and you have 10k dirt. you do NOT want to separate the 10k dirt into 1k piles. So you would set the price and amount in the new and improved vending machines!


  • QbirdQbird Member
    edited August 2017
    YESH . +666
  • Anything to make the game easier is great in my eyes. I don't mind using the flower method but I do always have this paranoid feeling that I may throw more than intended thus losing out on cubits.
  • Definitely, less time to setup, more time to sell :D
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