Some bug usually happen to me

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Hi! Today I want to report some bugs which usually happen to me.

  1. Game freezes when I open friend list.

    This bug usually happens when I open my friend list right after I enter a mine.

  2. Be a part of mountain.

    This bug usually happens when I mine something in mountain mine while there is a block behind me (usually mountain block), when a block which I mine is destroyed and there is a block behind me, The block behind me behave like it's phantom foamed and I get inside of it,
    Eventho it's still a solid block.

  3. Underground spawned.

    It usually happens when I enter a mine, I'll spawned 1 or 2 blocks under entrance portal.

  4. Incorrect color and flag indicator of realm.

    Well.... whenever I try to find an empty mine I always see a blue colored mine which indicates there is a person inside it in skymap, but when I enter it, no one is there. And this also apply to other realms such as my realm which usually empty, but the indicator both flag and skymap color indicate that there are more than 3 people in my realm, but when I enter it no one is there, it only happens when some minutes before it my friend tp to me and left the realm with warp food.
    I only know that the thing which causes this bug is warpfood, when you eat a warpfood, the realm indicator still assume that you're still inside of the realm, and when a person tp to you, the indicator will increase the number of people inside a realm.

Thanks for reading ^-^ sorry if it's too long.


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    What's your device?You can contact me from messages too if you don't want to make this thread a chat!
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