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Hello there!

A lot of you do not like spending money or are not allowed on games.
I have recently found out a new method of getting Gift Cards!
It is with, FreeMyApps!
Just complete offers, earn up credits and get yourself some Gift Cards!

This is completely safe and done on the browser.
This is not a scam, I've tried it and it works.

- link has been removed

This way you can support the Developers without even needing to spend your own money.


  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumRetired Moderator
    If this is supported by cosmic cow, i would have expected this to be announced by the staff.
    without confirmation from them i do not use it.
    (i'll change this post if it is confirmed)
  • xNexyxNexy NLMember
    I'm not sure if advertising outside of CC is allowed.
    Besides, apps like this are full of ads/spam, so I wouldn't recommend this since there are a lot of kids here.
  • CortanaCortana UnknownMember, Retired Moderator
    The only one that is official at the moment and connected to the game on mobile devices, is tapjoy. I guess I'll remove the link as I've never heard of it having anything related to CC.
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