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This forum has been out for over a year now, and I've gotta admit I'm pretty surprise. I've been through many communities, but the stats here are kinda crazy. With around 2,700+ registered forum accounts, 11.716 discussions, and 124.007 comments, this community is very active. I've seen other forums that have been here for years, and they still don't compare. Also compared to the previous forums, this one trumps them all. Now of course there's the possibility that players post farm, karma farm, etc, but regardless, this community is active. Not to mention, majority of this community are rather a network of friends which I love. In my opinion, this community is great, even if it has it's share of ups and downs (mostly drama), but in the end, most people are nice. I hope this community continues to grow and mature!


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    There's be a ton more posts too.. but this is actually the 3rd incarnation of the cubic forums. So many threads from the earlier 2 versions are lost in time.
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