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Welcome to the NEW THREAD for The Helpful Pirate Society Product Purveyance & Requisitions! HPS has a newly remodeled Vend Shop, with Rentals, just to the left of the Helpful Pirate Society Village main Entrance. We also take orders for items via the Forums. You can also check here for HPS news and Announcements. :)

For Sale in Helpful Pirate Society Vend Shop & Rentals:

Regular Inventory-
All Colors Dyes- 100 for 8-13C
Workbenches- 5 for 25C
Fadey Foams- 50 for 100C
Phantom Foam- 5 for 40C
ROAD PIECES CLEARANCE! White & Yellow Curves & Dashes- in lots of 5 for 5C or 10 for 10C
Fancy Road- 50 for 50C
Persian Rug- 25 for 25C
Mosaic- 25 FOR 50C
Fancy Floor- 25 FOR 25C
Tools {Hammers, Saw, Chisel, Mortar & Pestle, Knife, Sewing Kit, Wrench, Laser}- 3-10C each
Crafting Machines {Forge, Distiller, Extractor, Rehydrator}- 15-25C each

Military Helmet- 325C
Camo Shirt- 260C
Cash Registers- 40c each
Friend Sentries- 50C each
Shackles- 250C
Bat Wings, Various Hats- 75C each
Top Hats- 25C each
White Wuvva Shirt- 60C
Tokens 4 for 13C
Other Miscellaneous Items

Helpful Pirate Society Buying List:
Cotton Bushes (250), Yumberry Bushes (300)- 15c per 100
Red, White Flowers {unlimited amount}- 10C per 100
Stone (5k), Sand (2k)- 10C per 100
Dead Trunks (3k), Oil (3k)- 25C per 100
Water Current (40)- Offer

Helpful Pirate Society Made To Order Items:

Please order in-game, via my mailbox by Helpful Pirate Society Village entrance, for fastest service, or by private message in forums.

Fadey Foam- 2C Each, max 500 per Order
Dye- 10C per 100, max 2k any 1 color, can order multiple colors per order.
Fancy Floor- 1C Each, Minimum 100, Maximum 1k
Persian Rug- 1C Each, Minimum 100, Maximum 500
Mosaic- 2C Each, Minimum 50, Maximum 400
Tools, Crafting Machines, Prices Vary

And Thank Ye Fer Choosin' HPS fer yer requisitionin' needs! YAAARRR!


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