Charm's Buy and Sell (Buying Resources!)

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Hello, Qbees :) Welcome to my shop post! I also take requests for craftable blocks in bulk, not listed here!

Spoiler: BUYING

Listed as: ITEM - PRICE
Palm/Pine/Tree/Ghost Trunks - 5/c
Stone - 5/c
Sand - 10/c
Water - 10/c
Dirt - 10/c
Rubber - 8/c
All Berries - 8/c

Spoiler: SELLING

Listed as: ITEM - PRICE
Fancy Block - 1c each
Cobblestone - 2c each
Bark Block - 2c each
Persian Rug - 1c each
Mosaic Block - 2c each
Red/Blue/Black Bricks - 1c each
Pixel Blocks (All colors) - 1c each
Any Craftable - Contact me


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