Found a Vend Scammer!!!

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This person was selling vends for 350c, but then, they switched it to 3.5k. Images below to prove, IDK the realm name, or the player, but just in case someone knows happened 2 mins ago. I got banned after everyone was gone, and the realm was muted.

*I cannot report them because I don't know the name and there was no time to report the realm, I got banned.*


  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumGame Moderator
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    As already said above... without a name(realm or the "scammer") it will be difficult to find the cause and dealing with it.
    If you do find out who or where it was, share that in this topic next time.
  • QbirdQbird Member
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    Is it really a scam or a huge overprice .
    Or even a misstyped price.
  • CharmBerryXOCharmBerryXO Member
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    -Gundam- said:

    Is it really a scam or a huge overprice .
    Or even a misstyped price.

    it was 100 percent a scam, the owner surrounded each vend with scaffold, they pulled it away so we would go crazy to buy them. The first 2 were 350c, the third one was 3500c, I think they sold the first 2 for 350c so the people trusted the owner, so they can click without reading. The owner muted the realm to prevent people from shouting 'scam', and then when I stayed to report, they just banned the remaining people from the realm. The owner also used a hidey bumper, and all they wore blue shirt and pants to hide their identity.

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    I always report the realm and tell the mods I did. that way they should be able to figure it out. the realm name is not visible for very long so i rarely know it.
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