Party Pack

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Imagine cubic castles with the game changing party pack that would release bundles of fun for every occasion!
I'd love to see a jukebox that plays funky beats and tunes for qbee's to dance along to
Party lights and a disco ball to add to the party feel!
A dance command (/dance)

Please give your opinions! :)


  • cc need disco :)
  • +1 on that jukebox, It's good hearing different sounds other than qbees jumping and the stretching sound xD and im very curious now thinking what kind of dance could a qbee do lol.. better too if theres a new kind of block that could be used as flooring that relates with that
  • valleyvalley Member
    I know you can listen to music on Spotify etc. (music outside of cubic castles) but it would be better if everyone in the realm can hear the sounds. I'm not saying the music should be songs artists have published but rather funky beats that the devs create.
  • Im already suggested this..
  • +99999
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