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Do you have a ton of stackable things to sell but there are no one needs them?
The only solution is vending, but aren't you tired of splitting those items into amount you want to sell?
Just imagine... you have 10k each type of rainbow, and you want to sell them for 10 per 100c (for example) All you need to do is splitting them into 10 and put them above vending which in result there are 1k stack above a vending, that's just a single color and what about the rest?
So there are 6k stacks of 6 rainbow types above 6 vendings.
I'm sure it won't cost a short time, and it will cause lag for mobile devices. So rather than splitting it into amount you want, why don't we just put them all above vending, glass them and set the amount item per single purchase.
In that way it will save your time and avoid lags for player with mobile devices.


This suggestion suggest a system that allows us to set amount of stackable items above vends before we sell them.
Example UI:

Set Amount for every purchase
Number +
Set The Price
Number c +


Thanks for reading
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    Agree with this, hopefully admins can bring this up... And yeah, will reduce lag comes from stacking items...
  • Space_fetusSpace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    I'm not really someone that has lag but this would just make setting up vends easier in general rather than messing around with the current way of making stacks in vends
  • LightosphereLightosphere Member
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  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
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    +99999 please add this :v
  •  Ai Ai Member
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    yep totaly im agree with this suggestion
    you need long time to split 1k like i have 1k blossom leaves
    and i sell it 1/20c ;-;
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    Personally,i would love to see this in a future update.
    It would save a lot of time and reduce a lot of lag.
  • PandoritePandorite Member
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    This would also allow people to buy the amount want without jumping up and down for 5 mins.

    Buy 100. Are you sure you want you buy 100 for x?
  • GalantisGalantis Member
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