The Death Course (With Prizes!)

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Hey guys, I made my very first parkour, some most of you may have seen it already.
All the parts are possible
Although you need these following perks;
Speed Demon 3
Brawny 2,

If you don't have these perks, then don't bother going there. :D
Be sure to have a friend with you so he can cheer you up while you rage!
You may need a wand for some parts, but I assure you all, that the whole parkour is 100% possible;
I completed it myself!
Missilence was the only one who finished the course so far!
Just read the signs at the entrance to know more!
Also if you somehow find a shortcut, you can either have 1,000c, or a free skip, just tell Death Reaper!
Prize is 10,000c or Dark Angel Wings! Your choice.


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