Another Story Telling Contest!

Well... At my previous contest. Some people wanted to join but the contest was over. So here's another one! I have chosen Mystery... Make sure the story is interesting though. Fiction,Mystery and Horror? But then even it's just mystery it's okay. Just make sure you have mystery on your story. The story can have an happy ending or bad ending. Just depends on you. There are also prizes.
1st place: Military Beret 2nd place:Shiny nose 3rd place:100c.

I will give you 3 weeks and make sure it's a bit long.
There are bonus points and minus points.
Bonus points:
+3 right grammar, complete sentences like it has periods,commas and dashes.
+1 If your story has a cute ending or heartbreaking ending.
Minus points:
-5 if your story contains inappropriate words.
-3 if your story has to say something bad for a person like example. "Don't make Delly21 win. He/she is gonna lose." It's kinda offensive. But if you have to say something bad for a character on your story it's okay I understand. Like example, Ruby said selfishly, "Hey do what I want! Ugly Sapphire!" I understand if it's like that.

How to send it to me? Well. You can send it to me by commenting saying go to RareGhost's Realm or you could just tp to me and say your story is done. You can also message it to me on the forums. If you don't know my username yet (in-game) It's MeltedCheesyYT. Make sure to look at this post everyday I might edit it. Because I will edit this when there are some questions on the comments.
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