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If you're here, you most likely want to find out how to become a Moderator. We're real glad you're interested! However, just as with any position of authority, it's not so simple.

First off, lets address the risks and issues that affect Moderators:

Being a Moderator on its own is really difficult, you should respect what they do. Yes, you do get that shiny blue tag, you do have more power and authority over others, but you'll quickly realise these perks are nothing compared to what you're up against.

E.g. Hordes of angry players bashing on you for "not doing your job" while you're powerless, held up by guidelines, or just wanting to relax after a hard day. Constant requests for help, angered players that you've punished harassing you on daily basis, it all gets real rough. Your personal space and time will squish to a near 0 while in game, unless you hide.

Due to that, a lot of our current Moderators (including me), had to take a longer break at some point, or just leave entirely. The stress can and most likely will get too much for you to handle. We only have one Moderator requirement, which is being 17 or older. It isn't just for maturity reasons, if we were to put a fragile mind into such chaos, it could have a real impact on them and their mental development.

So, how does one get a tag?

In-game Moderators are chosen upon trust and experience, the account "perks" carry a heavy weight of responsibility and self-control. We cannot just give it to anyone who desire the status, they need to earn it. This is why we don't provide users with the ability to apply. If we see anyone fit for the role, we contact them directly and offer a position. Are there any requirements? Yes, as mentioned above, you have to be 17+ of age.

Standing out from the crowd is the way to go. Helping on the forums, providing information for the wiki, or just doing anything that would help the game grow and keep the community happy. This way you will get noticed, and probably even befriend some of the current staff. The important thing to remember though, is to never push and give Moderators space.

You most likely heard "asking to be a Moderator automatically disqualifies you!", well, it is not entirely true. If someone simply asks who the Moderators are, how it all functions, and offer their help, we'll be happy to reply. But if you bash on us REALLY wanting to get in, yes, it will be annoying and we'll avoid you. :)

"Can I become mod, pls?!", "What can I do to become mod, I did this can I join now?!", "You're a mod, can you get me in, pleeease?!".

Now you're probably wondering, why can't people vote for others to become Moderators? Why does the process have to be so closed and "official"?

As a Moderator, you somewhat represent the game and its company (Their image, customer satisfaction, growth, etc is at stake). It would be a terrible idea to give players the ability to decide who does that. Sure, democracy is good, but not in such a game... our audience is very young and easily influenced by others. Someone could as well be a terrible person, give away freebies for votes, then win and treat others like rubbish.
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