[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] Cubic Clan Race 2!!

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Cubic Clan Race FOrum

Here are your winners for the Cubic Clan Race 2! Thank you to all who participated!

1st Prize = Redwoodians
leader = Kewbin Redwood

2nd Prize = The Elegant Qbees
leader = lucaaa795

3rd Prize = Hope's Peak Academy
leader = Teardrop


Nevarwel's Legacy
leader = *shade*

One Above All
leader = Sir. Pixel

=MGN= Join at MGNclan.com/cc
leader = _DaPerson_

The Assassin's Clan - [ TAC ]

leader = JustMeg

League of Cube
leader = TheyCallMeAlex

Helping Hands
leader = Jadabug

The Race has STARTED!

Here are the first 3 clues! Don't forget to hit the Guestbook Bumper at the top!

#1 Clue
The sword I am, close to the dragon. The clue you will find.
(a) The Dark Queen
(b) Pyramid Treasure Hunt
(c) Winter Journey

#2 Clue
Find the guru standing at the top of a Golden Globe. He is holding the second clue.
(a) Merlin's Throne
(b) But is this art 2
(c) Minstry of Defence

#3 Clue
I am giving away free items. Come and get it here!
(a) Cubic Town Center
(b) Winter Weekly Event
(c) Redwood Forest

TIP: Always remember the clues your clan gathered. They may haunt you if you forget about them along the way.

The Event everyone is waiting for and it is finally here! Get your clan prepped and ready for the Cubic Clan Race! Now with more Realms to visit, you will surely be needing a bigger clan for this one.


1. Must be in a Clan
2. The clan must consist of at least 5 members.
3. The clan that reaches the finish line and bonk the Guesbook Bumper wins! (Note: Must have at least 5 members registered on the guestbook)
4. Giving away clues on Holla will have the clan be disqualified.
5. Spamming chat or causing trouble on the event will be disqualified when deemed necessary.
6. Multiple alternate accounts used in a clan or other clan to gain advantage will have the clan disqualified.

How is this Event Played?

- The first several clues will be announced in this forum at 8am CCTime April 15th.
(Note: You can check the time by typing /time in the game chat)

- The clues you found in the realm/room will yield more clues until you reach the final destination.

- It involves Parkour, Adventures, Puzzles, and Find the Clue. So a variety of specialist on a clan is an advantage.

- The more clan members helping, the better the chances of find the clues faster!


1st prize 1st Place - 500,000 cubits!
2nd prize 2nd Place - 250,000 cubits!
3rd prize 3rd Place - 150,000 cubits!

10 consolation prizes will get 50,000 cubits!

Be reminded that the Prize will go to the Clan Leader who will distribute the Cubits amongst the members. Join a trusted clan that bonds you all together.


() When will the event end? The event will end when 13 clans have met the Win Condition stated above or at the end of the day. Whichever comes first.

() When will the winners and the cubits allotted? The Winners will be announced next week together with the allotment of the cubits on this thread.

() Who will receive the cubits if we win? It will be given to the leader of the clan and he/she will distribute the cubits to the members. If there are multiple leaders on a clan, it will be given randomly or you can pm me if you like the reward to be given to you as long as you are one of the leaders.

() What if someone blocks the realm or use cheats? Any cheats will be reprimanded as always. I will be monitoring during the course of the event but it is appreciated if you can PM me here on the forum for any immediate attention during the event.

() Can we use external communication like Discord? Definitely you can use any external communication. I highly recommend taking advantage of the clan stone features for this event if you like to use what is available on the game itself. However, Hollas are not allowed since this will take the fun out of the event and will get your clan disqualified and banned.

() Please limit the clan members who will join. This will cause lag and trolling on realms. All players can participate on this event as long as they qualify on the rules set. As this is an MMO, all players are free to roam around any of the realms available on the game as long as the realm permission has been adjusted to it and we prefer not to limit the movements of players who don't like to participate.

To consider the issue presented, multiple rooms and realms have been used. However, if players intentionally block a realm to cause lag or max the limit, they will be banned.


  • MabzMabz Forum Administrator, Customer Support
    Good Point. I have added that on the rule. Thanks!
  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember
    Will this only last for 1 day?
  • Can you tell the difference between an alt and two siblings playing? Cause my sister is in my clan.
  • CrepusCrepus Member
    edited April 2017
    Nice :D

  • MabzMabz Forum Administrator, Customer Support
    @The Death Reaper - Yes, it is a 1 day event only.

    @Jadabug - As long as your sibling is actively participating on the event. It is fine.

  • space_fetusspace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    so clanless qbees of the world, my clan has like 2 members XD anyone wanna join?
  • MotivationMotivation Member
    edited April 2017
    Not much information was given about the event. Can you explain it in detail?
  • Jadabug said:

    Can you tell the difference between an alt and two siblings playing? Cause my sister is in my clan.

    Ready to race? >:)
  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
    We are ready hehe :) @ThisIsNotSlim
  • Hmm im wondering if my clan will join this too? >:) @OrangeTail
  • The assassins clan is open to all :D
  • ValleyValley Member
    edited April 2017
    Last year the members had to have a forum account to participate, will this count this year?
  • :D CLAN RACE IS BACK !! :D are there part of using car ? c: xd
  • MabzMabz Forum Administrator, Customer Support
    edited April 2017
    @Feebi - Not needed for this one. We have the Guestbook Bumper to register players at the finish line!

    @LopaikoStyle - You can use cars but is not needed to win.

    @Motivation - Initial Clues will be given in this thread that players has to follow. It is a matter of following the trail until you reach the finish line. Clues are scattered around the Cubic World so the more clanmates you have, the quicker you will retrieve these clues.
  • Okay thanks!
  • SeiichiSeiichi Anime WorldMember
    Mabz said:

    @The Death Reaper - Yes, it is a 1 day event only.

    @Jadabug - As long as your sibling is actively participating on the event. It is fine.

    So that means it's only happening at April 15?

  • BCat. said:

    Jadabug said:

    Can you tell the difference between an alt and two siblings playing? Cause my sister is in my clan.

    Ready to race? >:)
    ;3 if you aren't dead XD
  • How exactly do we sign up.
    Do we have to contact you via pm or fill in a sign up sheet in regards of who is entering
    Or do we just simply turn up? O.o
  • We can have 20+ members?
    Also I may not be able to join because I may lag out.
  • I join, my name is Memeo2016 and my clan is TrumpGoesHard
  • Thanks for doing this Mabz, but it's kinda unfair to host the Clan race in one day, some clans will have 20 members online to participate in the race, others will have a few online...

    We are ready hehe :) @ThisIsNotSlim

  • Sounds fun, hopefully this time the game won't implode.
    I might participate.
    No promises.
  • AidenPlayzAidenPlayz Member
    edited April 2017
    Two questions:
    Are the realms that's going to be used for the event built by admins? If so, are they new or just built?
    Is it possible for you to tell us how much realms are gonna be used for the event?


    How do we register? or are we not supposed to?
    AND how are you going to know that the five people who bumped the bumper is from the same clan if we don't register?
  • Hmm another clan race eh? I might need to have a chat with my clan ^^
  • Good luck to everyone :D
  • MM2-2MM2-2 Member
    it will be better if it is tournment not only 1 day :P
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
    edited April 2017
    Yes! A Clan race :D.....too bad I can't make it ;(
  • I'm interested but idk which clan will participate in... Will anyone accept a poor little qbee here? T-T
  • Lil Natey said:

    need. clan.

    Join my clan ;3
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