Cubic Jail Album tribute finished. Free Download at Bandcamp L:

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Hello everyone, it's me, the guy of the chiptunes. Ehm, I remember, long time ago, in the old forum, I have posted about this, where the staff make a mapmaking contest about Cubic Jail and dungeons, so, I was maked 2 chiptunes to mingle with the excitement of the contest.
Actually the Speciall Cubic Jail Soundtracks are completed, in YouTube description you can select any song in tracklist, but listen to the whole album without interruptions is better, there is some sound effects and the changes between some songs are hardly distinguishable, so it gives an effect of seem to be the same song.
I'm really excited about this, I wish I could be moved to a section where I can be seen more, because I think you might like the community that has explored Cubic Jail. Enjoy :n r

Here is my other works for the game (they're here in the forum and is eventually updating):
If you like my works, you can donate cubits and other stuff at my realm "Blaked's Plaza" as a Patreon :^)

The album is now available in Bandcamp, on the link you can find the entire list of soudtracks to download for free L:


  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
    Dude, these are cool :o

    you are so talented >w<
  • :O I love the atmosphere, which gives this sense of exploration in a desolate area.
  • BeIfastBeIfast ChileMember
    Omg, why this is not actually in game?
  • BlakedBlaked Member
    New update, the album is completed :T includes the first 2 songs "Katherine" and "Darkness", the download link will be added on YouTube description soon.
  • Y1_s2Y1_s2 Member
  • HorusHorus EnglandMember, Forum Moderator, Retired Moderator
    Sounds very nice!

    And I feel that there's something new on our Facebook page.
  • BlakedBlaked Member
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    :O ty ty!

    Post Updated L:
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