A Downside To Cars Update

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The main downside, i have found, to the cars update, besides ppl going off on me for having pedestrian blocks in some of my (sea-based-why would you drive underwater anyways???) realms, is the begging, emotional blackmail, and outright threats from folks about me NEEDING to buy them cars i cannot even afford for myself. >.< These range from moping, whinging and stomping around and complaining that life sucks completely and is worthless because they cannot have a pinkster or sportster or luxoride, to threatening to leave HPS clan (go ahead, if all you care about is free stuff...), to outright nasty threats to destroy me on CC (or even in RL, lol) if i do not provide them with the vehicle they so much deserve.

Let me make this clear: I AM NOT BUYING ANYONE A CAR. If i can afford a cheap car or two, or win one, it will be put in a raffle or fairest giveaway i can manage. if i can't buy EVERYONE a car, it's not fair to give ANYONE a car. The one exception is that i did win a sportster in a giveaway n i gave it to my minion queen GalacticPikachu, because of her dedication and hard work for the benefit of the HPS Crew, for which i could never afford to repay her. And she could never afford the car. it fell into my lap, so i used my best judgement, and gifted it to a deserving person.

To everyone angry at me for doing this and NOT buying THEM a car.... Whinging and stomping and threatening me does NOT make you a more deserving person. it just amuses me at the lack of maturity and sense of priorities that you have. when the amusement wears off, i just get annoyed and ban you. in rl, i live at approx 45% of the poverty level for my area. i can't afford to pay my own internet without friends helping me. so, i don't expect entitled kids to understand what that level of poverty entails, but basically, my money goes to more important things than imaginary cars for ppl i hardly know. i earn most of my cubits and prefer to spend them for the benefit of ALL of my clan.


  • Lucie sorry to hear this occuring. The cars have brought both the best and the worst in people. You are one to stay strong though and with time I think the car hysteria you are facing will simmer down.
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    I might've had some influence on that. All my friends (and even @SirKewberth right at the top) are aware that one of the primary consequences from my "Giveaways" on the first 2 days (including Launch Day itself) is that all the thousand 10-year-old kids have been demanding I get them free cars. And I'm at a point where I'm telling them all, "Kid, you missed your chance. That was a week ago, and it has damaged my wallet VASTLY more than I was counting on. I'm sorry, but I don't have unlimited wealth!" I mean I could spend a couple more hundred dollars on this game, but I'm trying to be more conservative with my Real Money spending. And somehow, especially with all the scammers, I get the feeling that even if such spending were to be done, it would not solve the underlying problem, like it's somehow unrealistic to give every single player a car...which defeats my initial mission statement. But hey, at least I tried. :P

    Point is, Lucie, I share your pain about all the car-begging. :'( And even if I understand why it exists in the first place, I wish all this begging could just stop.
  • Same. I pass by a lobby and everyone is like gimme ur car its my bday if u dont I kill myself pls gib I hate u.
    Everyone is.
    Doesnt anyone care about actually playing the game? Everyone just wants stuff.
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    So many kids ask me for a car - but I don't blame them, I would be very upset if everyone had a really cool car and don't have enough money to buy one. They could calm themselves a little though and stop freaking out and yelling, but still, they're just sad. I don't blame them at all. They're most likely small kids playing this game. I DO blame them for, once I gave someone an item and they demanded more or the better kind, cursing at me when I did my best. Some are just greedy. But you could just ignore them or be nice to them; although it's rsther annoying repeating yourself saying "I can't afford everyone a car im sorry etc" all the time. Just thought I'd put this here. But also, you gotta thank the mods for adding this. This took a LOT of time and hard work.
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    i do appreciate the cars, i have a purple (of course!) spudbug thingummy, bought, in part, to support the devs' hard work. Although cars are banned in the piratey realms as anachronisms, we built a relaxing 'drive in the park' room in our village, which will be having different park features n attractions added n changed from time to time, to keep it interesting. There are upsides to the updates and the generosity of folks has been amazing, and producing and selling road blocks has been a business boon for HPS workers n the clan in general. But it has also brought out some of the worst, in terms of envy, a sense of entitlement, and greed, in some members of our community. Just sayin'.
  • Yeah there are always beggars in our clan race track, we are just trying to enjoy a small race then suddenly the chat is filled with ' I want car '
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