The Dorkmobile Army

Whatever time would work best, I'm not sure, but I wanted to record a video about not only giving away lots of Dorkmobiles (like my Day 2 Giveaway), but I wanted everyone driving in the iconic car that The Chosen Hero used to save Qbee Land! And yes, I will also be driving a Dorkmobile.

I'd say to hold the event in Cubic Town Center, where we can have the best publicity. ;)


  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Member
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    I would like ta join! What time? :3 #DorkmobileArmy
  • GoldbusterGoldbuster Member
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    I'm poor
  • Angel Bunny!Angel Bunny! Member
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    Can I join? :D
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    Yeah, it would be awesome to have everybody, but again, the main thing is I don't yet have a set time or date. It'll probably be on a weekend, but also not *this* weekend.

    And I saw at times like right after a hollawarp, that sometimes, there are "too many cars" to place more down. I guess it's a technical thing beyond my power, where we can't have as many cars as players.
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