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  • I want a Clanstone
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember

    I want a Clanstone

    Isnt a clanstone not above the 5k max? Also you should also put down the realm name where it can be donated to (so a realm with a donation table)
  • 'ForgetMeNot''ForgetMeNot' Member
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    I wish for vends Vends and a 49x49 realm. ;-;

    i also wish to give someone 1000 water for no reason

    Melody's Shop You can see Doantion table near by
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    u could put an exe mask in my sisters realm compis castle
  • Tettt said:

    need subs to my channel e.e
    Can i ask for 50 subs? xD
    link here i guess?
    oh if i dont get 50subs can i get 5k c :V i need more c for giveaways :V

    You have my sub!
  • i would like pilgrim Pants to add a little something to shake things up on my set TY ^-^

    Realm Name: Bryce0105

    Donation table: as soon as you enter you will see it ;)
  • Hyperion.Hyperion. Member
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  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
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  • Reminder,Giving better than receiving :)
    If u donated someone maybe your wish will be more chance
  • Could I have 25k stone please :)

    ^Hyperion^ Storage.
  • I wish for Red Angel wing my realm name is
    alex101 caslte
    the donations table is at the front entered at the realm red
  • Remember guys:

    Basically, name a simple item, under 5000 cubits, that you would love or wish you had and once-in-awhile I will step in and make someone’s day.
  • I need new wood blocks

    pls donate at super cubic store and stuff
  • 'ForgetMeNot''ForgetMeNot' Member
    edited February 2018
    I wish for a 55x55 room? or realm
    and any amount of Fancy Blocks, Chairs, Tables, and thrones.

    Im planning on making a big piano.... or atleast just donate cubits

    Realm: Melody's Shop
  • MedicationsMedications Member
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    Stones, or specifically Cobblestone and Stone brick cap, need tons. Need them for an 4-in-one project.

    Medication : Cat World
  • I would love some food bumpers :v
    Realm name: Horror
  • Red can I have 4999c?
    realm name: alex101 caslte
    Piggy at the front with sign red
  • Hrothgar said:

    I wish for wood blocks of any kind! (old or new :P)
    Reason - For my realm.

    Realm - The Ministry House

    Thank you to those who donated the vends for me to share with people who need them :D
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
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    I would like a mask. Like the one @-Joystick- has.
  • MidnightStormMidnightStorm Member
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    If possible..?
    Realm name: MidnightStorm’s realm, donation table is just in front of portal.
    May I wish for some trunks and/or mannequins? I have some already but for my “Anora falls” clan project, I need quite. A. Bit.
    It’s great of you to help other qbees! Once again, thanks.
  • DafniDafni Member
    It would be amazing to receive mannequins and/or empty rooms (relatively small; less than 17x17) of any amount. I'm making a city, so I need these kinds of things :)

    Realm name: Friendship Vends
    If there is no donation table there, go to Unity City and then go to the back of the realm where there is a building. Go in that door and there will be donation tables in the room.
  • yo guys what i just wish is more vends and some cubits about 1k? >:D but i Just need Crops like corns wheat eggplants potatoes and tomatoes. and some full milk jugs and eggs thats all. >:D
    Realm Name: Rhenz House
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    edited March 2018
    I wish for 27 blue rainbow blocks.
    Realm is Graceful Thunder's Realm. Walk down the path a bit and you'll find the tables.
  • ANKlTANKlT Member
    edited March 2018
    I wish for all the dirt you can spare or a room or a car (haven't had a car in forever) it would be a great birthday present for me :p
    Realm: ANKlT's SHOP (spelled with lower case L)
    Location of table: next to portal
  • I wish for 27 blue rainbow blocks.
    Realm is Graceful Thunder's Realm. Walk down the path a bit and you'll find the tables.

    Seems like a great request. I dropped you 1000 cubits to buy some since I have none.
  • I am always really happy about stone, since I build a lot with it. I right now am building on my farm but am missing stone. If you have some spare stone please drop it off at my realm: Federal Atrium.
  • If anybody could get me some vends.. That would be great!
    Realm: Torchwood
  • 'ForgetMeNot''ForgetMeNot' Member
    edited March 2018
    I wish for New Wood, Old Wood, Alot of it. Im planning on making a shop. Been a while since i had a shop

    Melody's Shop
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    I wish for a few nukes 3 or so using it to clear my xp realm and maybe a dorkmobile or any car since i never ever had a chance to use a car on cc! My Realm is called GhastlyGhostHD's Realm or just look up GhastlyGhostHD in lobby and you will find me its the same as my name but with realm in the end.
  • I really wish for a doc mirror, drop it off at U.S.A. Park, next to the entrance there's a donation table, Thank You
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