Valentine Festival - Building Contest [RESULTS!]

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Love is in the air, and so the Valentine Festival has begun!

You are all invited to join us at the festival for a special movie night. We have prepared a set of romantic blockbusters, stalls with food & candy in case you get hungry, and shops with a variety of gifts (for those who forget!). Your task is to build the perfect spot for you and your Valentine to spend the day together, so bring them along. A picnic? A grill? A jacuzzi with cake?! Choose your dream setting! Just remember that only one person can build, so decide who's going to get the privilege (or be the gentleman, whichever way you look at it). There is an entry fee of 5k Cubits, which will be given back after the results are announced (if you don't break our rules).

We will judge each of the spots on design, creativity, and how well they match the Valentine theme.
After the contest ends, you will have one week to collect your items from the rental.

Visit the Cubic Valentine Festival now!


Tons of entries, lots of unique builds, but we the results are finally in. Q-pid himself was amazed by how much imagination the contestants had!

1st Place (500k split) - Sir Tod & Cubic Mom

2nd Place (300k split) - Nilow & JustMeg

3rd Place (150k split) - Krip & Kaylaa

4th Place (100k split) - Raidanz & Caitlynz

5th Place (75k split) - MarieAra & Spiridon

Honourable Mentions:

Mention 1 (20k split) - *Saiiina* & OrangeTail
Special 1

Mention 2 (20k split) - UltimaZ & DeLiDish
Special 2

Event Details:


Contest Details:


  • Keep your build appropriate, unique, and on-topic. (Anything that breaks our game guidelines will also be treated as a violation of this rule)

  • Do not rent a spot if you're not going to use it.

  • Be nice to other festival participants and visitors.

  • Only one build per a pair, if we find anyone using alts to rent more than one spot, they'll be automatically disqualified

  • You cannot use an alt to participate, it has to be someone else. We'll be checking!

If any of these rules is broken, your cubits won't be returned and your spot will be re-rented.


(Split in between the pair)

  • 1st place - 500k Cubits

  • 2nd palce - 300k Cubits

  • 3rd place - 150k Cubits

  • 4th place - 100k Cubits

  • 5th place - 75k Cubits

Remember to leave your usernames near the spot entrance so we can distribute the prizes!

Submission deadline - Wednesday 1st of March 2017

Results will be announced a week later.


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    Quick rule update, if it wasn't clear:
    - You cannot use an alt to participate, it has to be someone else. We'll be checking!
  • HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
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    Let the judging begin!

    Realms have been locked for the time being. If you still happen to be inside, we'd kindly ask that you stop building and leave the realm immediately (or your entry might get disqualified).

    We'll keep you updated :)
  • HorusHorus EnglandForum Administrator
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    The results are in!

    Prizes will be distributed soon. As for the realms, they will remain closed for a few more days till we archive all of your entries to put in the museum.

    Congratulations to the winners, and good job to the contestants :)
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    You can now take all of your items and cubits back, plus a complimentary piggy!

    The submissions have been archived and will soon appear in our Cubic Building Contest Museum. I also apologise for the delay, it has been a very busy time.
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