The Epic Battle of Fort Knight


It was a cold, brisk morning at Fort Knight, main base of the Order of Paladins. The Platinum Paladin knew what was over the horizon. He had spent the entire past night preparing for this all-day event. And still somehow he was alone, inside the solid steel walls.

It felt like forever, when suddenly, the tingling lull was shattered by blaring alarms and a spinning red light all along the inside of the base. RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Fort Knight is under attack! Paladins, all hands on deck! The Platinum Paladin suited up as quickly as he could, slinging himself into his heavy armor and shattering the glass display case containing his prized spirit blade, The White Star!

The Platinum Paladin scrambled up the 50-block tall ladder to clamber onto the rooftop, where he readied himself and summoned the entirety of his clan - all the available Paladins were on deck. Captain Mega was the first to respond, along with Penguin Yah, Jadabug, and a handful of others. Fiona, Joe, and The Busy Miner were all in attendance, but those three did little but bear witness to the spectacle that would be marked as "The Epic Battle of Fort Knight". A few hundred blocks past the wall was a shimmering wave of darkness. A few new friends joined in the desperate defense, some of which were owed favors to The Platinum Paladin. Qball stood poised, nervous but ready. Sir Harrison from the Greater Battle had some small-talk with Mega. "How ya doin', kid? I fought here once before." Lastly was a commando named Captain Brian Price, who was suited up and grizzled in the face. He knew the horrors of war, the glory of battle, and the thrill of the kill.

The Platinum Paladin rallied all the troops, with such vigor and intensity that even those who were NOT official paladins still felt the Cubic World tremble beneath their sheer presence. "THIS IS WHERE WE HOLD THEM! THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT!"

"My friends," The Platinum Paladin lectured as the wave of darkness came close enough to reveal the armies. "If we lose today, Fort Knight will fall, and it will be the END of the Order!" There was a hushed gasp among the crowd. Mega burst out, "NO! WE CAN NOT LOSE! I won't have ALL MY HARD WORK be for nothing!" The armies off in the distance became more clear, and there was no exaggeration when the scouts from the previous day reported enemy numbers amassing in the thousands! The Paladins were in the hundreds, clearly outnumbered 10 to 1. The initial battle seemed grim.

And it did not fully start until the first wave of attackers lined up at the wall. But even before getting to the wall, the strategy was to send Oafs in front to soak up the punishment from Fort Knight's 29 cannons so that tougher troops would not have to worry. The Oafs made excellent cannon fodder, as they were too dumb to notice or care that they were being forced and shoved into the slaughter. With them as glorified meat shields, 10 heavily armored spider walker robots lined the outside of the South Wall and barraged the Great Wall with repeated rocket salvos. It was only a matter of time before the thick stone wall fell, but the Paladins were using that time to entrench themselves as best as they could.

But as soon as the wall was crumbled, The Platinum Paladin took that as his queue to spring into action! With an iconic *PPP-SShh-hmmmm* sound effect, The White Star flared up to life as The Platinum Paladin leaped with the massive power of his spiritual Force! And such a Forceful Leap had landed him well past the Lava Moat onto the dirt, using a second jumbo lunge to close in and attack the first spider robot with The White Star. The Spirit Blade's legendary qualities completely ignored its armor, laying the first of 10 siege weapons to wreckage. Captain Mega followed suit, though less trained in the magic ways than The Platinum Paladin. Mega made a bridge from telekinetically hoisting a series of rocks across the lava moat, dropping them in once he was over. The rocks melted into liquid, turning into even more lava. Once across, Mega slammed his mighty fist into the eye of a second spider robot, right in its weak-spot. A one-two punch blasted the second bot, thanks to Mega's incredible body muscles!

Jadabug struggled to orient herself during the beginning, whereas Penguin took to helping the cannons aim. The cannons did not do much against the heavily armored spider machines, but they did help take out one or two enemy Orcs. And as Qball was struggling to hold his own against the Demonic Orcs (or Dorcs for short), Sir Harrison covered with his exotic and trusty Delta-Hotel Forty-Four Blaster Pistol. With a few iconic pew blaster sound effects, Sir Harrison dropped a handful of enemy minions. Captain Price used his mighty commando powers to carpet-bomb the thick of the Demonic Orcs who were saturating the sands of No Bee's Land just outside the crumbled wall. And while the few ally Paladins who were there for the "first wave" were fending for themselves thanks to the boosting caused by The Platinum Paladin's inspiring rally, the enemies were just getting started. Many fell, but they still claimed numerous Paladins. Some wrestled until the tangled fighters rolled into the Lava Moat and burned alive. The 8 remaining spider robots lit the surrounding area with a laser tracker, and it had specifically locked onto Mega and The Platinum Paladin. It would just be a few precious seconds before the two Legendary Heroes would be saturated by rockets! There was one extra trick none of them could've foreseen. The enemies had created a rain of arrows that blotted out the Sun! The Platinum Paladin created a dome of telekinetic shoving that effectively made an umbrella against this figurative rainstorm. He insisted on Mega to join him under this mystical forcefield. This only barely strained The Platinum Paladin's reserves of inner strength! Penguin hid under one of the cannons atop Fort Knight, and Joe was crawling around under a set of looted Orc armor. The armor was too big for a Qbee to wear, which meant it would work as perfect cover from a downpour of stinging arrows. The bulk of ally Paladins dug small caves into the dirt around Fort Knight, using them as makeshift bunkers. The arrow barrage - while formidable to watch - had little impact on the battle.

But while the Paladins started to tire from the relentless onslaught from the thousands of Orcs and Dorcs, The Platinum Paladin mustered all his inner strength to telekinetically shove one of the spider bots into another, bulldozing one with the other. And Mega repeated as before to smash into a third one's eye. Captain Price knew the two would be in serious danger if he did not act fast, so he wooshed down from above and he himself hefted the two mighty machines into the Lava Moat. The two spider bots that landed in the lava melted, and the rockets created a monstrous volley of explosions as the two hulking tanks sunk and melted to their ends.

Jadabug tried her best to kill a couple through her strong hugging, but most enemies didn't seem to notice. Still, at least she tried! The fighting dragged on for hours, when the enemies even tried cybernetic warfare onto Fort Knight and the Order of Paladins. Communications were totally kaput through the ranks because of the computer hacking, and The Platinum Paladin spent all of 1 Real Earth Hour restoring those communications. He had to warp back to the roof of Fort Knight, where he installed an antenna crudely fashioned to a spare Clanstone. This is when he gave the order, "Paladins! Fall back to the roof of Fort Knight!" In the end, communications were restored, and the cybernetic attack was nothing more than a minor setback for the Paladins' plans. Still, that precious time was enough for the enemy legions to plow through defensive structures. While both flanks of Fort Knight were being swarmed with Orcs approaching the entrance to Fort Knight, the Paladins were busy reshuffling their ranks.

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    Part 2.

    Then, another wave of Orcs in the hundreds took to the fighting, only this time, they were working FOR the Order! A while ago, Silver Paladin Sir Fox had freed some Orcs and spared them from the cruel fate of being forced to transform into Demonic Orcs. Now, as thanks - and to enjoy the opportunity of battle - these freed Orcs had come in the Paladins' time of need. On top of that, reinforcements from Fort Harrison were rapidly speeding down Route 2 towards Fort Knight, with the entirety of each of the other forts on their way as well.

    These reinforcements would serve as the one saving grace against the sheer strength in numbers. The ally Orcs benefited from the same Rally boost from The Platinum Paladin, meaning they were more than equally matched to their otherwise standard Orc counterparts. This drove them back out of Fort Knight turf, and again into No Bee's Land just outside the Wall. By this time, the enemy dropped to 8,000 members out of its original 10,000 headcount, while Paladins were at half strength. The First Responders and the Heroes of the Order clung onto life, though many of the First Responders were faltering and could not resist the temptation to retreat and scram up North as far away from the fighting as possible. The less martially inclined Lieutenants - such as Fiona - could not help but agree with their rationale.

    But the battle was far from over, even as Captain Price and the Main Paladins were messing up the enemy's battle formation by cutting straight down the middle. Later, Penguin and Jadabug teleported to the thick of the action alongside The Platinum Paladin and Mega. The Allied Orcs had begun to route the Enemy Orcs, and who else was better fit to lead this cavalry than Qball, whose wand bit at the enemies without mercy. But while reinforcements arrived from the east and Qball's Cavalry pushed in from the west, Captain Price flew to the rear, ripped off a minigun from the enemy's artillery, and lit up the officers from behind. Mega and The Platinum Paladin were together in the mix of the enemy's center, carving with fists and Spirit Blade through the Alien Elites that were meant to act as the rear-line "best". By the end of these later waves, The Paladins had 1,000 troops grand total, and their high-quality training triumphed over the sheer numbers from the enemies, who were reduced to 5,000. While all was going so amazingly well, The Platinum Paladin and Mega both sensed something terrifying was coming for them. So without hesitation, The Platinum Paladin leaped many times over back to Fort Knight, ignoring the Elites along the way.

    Once The Platinum Paladin finally readied himself back on the roof of Fort Knight, the Lava Moat sort of just drained...just like that, it was gone. That was because seconds later, a giant GEYSER OF FIRE shot out right in front of him! GASP!

    The Terror of the Borderlands!

    It howled as loud as last time! That *THING* was back! But this time, The Platinum Paladin was READY! He Force Jumped up and hacked away with The White Star. This time, there was a clear injury to this *THING!* But The Platinum Paladin flung himself through its lava body, burning himself in the process. It seriously hurt, but his highly developed toughness helped him keep his composure as the lava dripped off his heavy metal armor. Elemental God called out and cast a water barrier around his friend, while Mega tried to leap up towards this THING just like his friend. But Mega was not successful and the *THING* phased through. Mega was still burnt just like The Platinum Paladin. The Platinum Paladin called out to Mega, "THROW ME!" "But why?" "Trust me!" Mega gave his last action to The Platinum Paladin, combining that with Elemental's water shield and The White Star, where all three Paladins worked together to get one last mythical swipe at the *THING!*

    And it was no joke to say The Platinum Paladin was ready. All it took was two solid strikes to totally wear out its abstract vitality and make it explode into a shower of stones. The lava had cooled from its death, and lava is really just liquid stone. With all the remaining Paladins mopping up and from the sight of The Platinum Paladin defeating The Terror of the Borderlands, the enemy knew that they had lost. The remaining forces ran for the hills as they were driven out by Qball's Cavalry.

    Not too long after, the battle was won, and the main attack force was summoned to a medal ceremony. The Platinum Paladin and Mega in particular were decorated for their bravery and leadership, having pushed as the absolute best two fighters in all of Qbee Land! Qball received a Laurel Blade "For showing distinct bravery against hostile forces by saving a desperately overwhelmed comrade despite impending danger." A parade was thrown in their honor, and ideally, even The Cosmic Cow would come to notice the full majestic power and potential of

    The Order of Paladins!

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