Leaving Cubic Castles...

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Hi, Today I just want to say Good Bye cause :-: I broke my phone again.... My parents looked mad when I said that I broke it again... so there is a very small possibility that it'll be repaired.... and I just want to say thanks to my friends for being good friends for me even tho lots of them aren't here anymore.. it was fun playing this game... I met lots people, help them build, sell, mine, craft and also help some of them do their homework... and also I want to say good luck for CosmicCow Games Team to make this game much better in future, It's a game with very cute blockhead characters and lots awesome items. And also I'm quitting to get rid of my laziness... If I can't delete it from myself, 3 months would be wasted for something unnecessary and luckily the thing that makes me lazy is broken (but it also make something harder) and anyway @"Swissy Dreamer" remember what I've said in PM, I would be crazy if you forget it..


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