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"Commander on Deck!" The newly furnished Advanced Research Laboratory has gone a long way to improving both the quality and quantity of projects undertaken by the Order of Paladins. The Platinum Paladin had paid a visit to the new installation, found inside the heart of Paladin City. Paladin City may be smaller compared to Capital City, but the Paladins have their craft focused on making high-end weapons and armor. Where Capital City offers "anything within reason", Paladin City prides itself on its martial specialization that trumps the basic gear found in Capital City!

And as far as the Advanced Research Laboratory is concerned, at the top of today's to-do list is the dream car of The Platinum Paladin. Behold: The Scamhunter!

Its sleek wedge-shaped body glistened even in the drab colors of the iron labs. Working very closely with the Science Team gave The Platinum Paladin an innate specialization with driving the Scamhunter, above any other car currently in Cubic Existence. But his past experiences were with but a prototype, a "proof-of-concept" to show that such a slim form factor could stay stable within the Cubic Dimension. The prototype, by and large, handled itself well for both the road and the sand of No Bee's Land.

"So," The Platinum Paladin asked as if he were handing out a quiz. "What is so different from the main model compared to the prototype I demoed?"
"Well, in short, the main model - named the A-7844 Interloper - comes with improved armor grids, a self-recharging booster thanks to the consolidated accelero-ring you found from the crashed satellite, and finally, weapons."

The Platinum Paladin perked up in the face. "Weapons, you say."
"Well yes, we've made a string of breakthroughs with evolving current cannon technology. You see, Commander, shrinking the cannons and scaling down all their components allowed them to be mounted on more points than just a flat grounded block. Plus, boosting the rate of fire on top of this lead has allowed for the essentials we needed to invent machine guns. The fact that your car will have machine guns is marvelous!"

"Any further plans in the works, professor?"
"Well, there are always plenty of ideas to go round, Commander, but right now, we're focusing on one at a time, to get each one RIGHT, until we just can't cram any more into the car body. The most popular suggestions include homing missiles, smoke screens, and even transforming into a boat for massive patches of water. Incredible notions, but some of them are wilder than others...erm, maybe *too* wild for some."

"Would the 'main' version be ready for testing?"
"Well oh my! There's still so much to do! But as far as just driving goes, it should be at least street-ready."

"Wonderful. I'm going to give it a spin."
"Just, eh, don't press any of the buttons on the dashboard."

The Platinum Paladin sat himself down inside the newly designed Scamhunter. It looked like a futuristic spaceship with the aesthetic of the central console and the car dashboard. All the gauges were digital with blocky bars, heavily inspired by trends from Earth's 1980's culture. Even the stick for shifting gears was cubed. The Speedometer went up to 150 kiloblocks per hour. While the actual measurements for car speeds need to be completed (Beta Tester input, for a 1 hour drive, and measure how many blocks a car can travel), 150 is meant to be extremely fast!

As The Platinum Paladin set his hands on the steering wheel, he couldn't help but feel a pair of clicking buttons, one on each side of the wheel. He asked, "What are these for?" "THOSE are for the machine guns. Right now, there's nothing hooked up to them, so don't worry about any accidents from that."

He just silently nodded, and he activated the electromagnetic key fob, inspired by the luxury car's design. With foot on the clutch pedal, the engines flared to life, and after deftly shifting and throttling the gas pedal, the car took off with a thrilling jump! The Platinum Paladin had to be quick to get the gears into place, all while dancing around the clutch and gas pedals, but he leaped out of Paladin City and off to Route 1. There's a very good reason Route 1 is called "Prototype Highway", and it's not just because it's the main stretch to Capital City. It's because this is where The Cosmic Cow's team have been testing their own car models. The long straightaways and contrasting sharp curves all lend Route 1 to excellent testing conditions for practicing skills and reviewing upcoming technology.

For the longest time, there was a straightaway that went for many kiloblocks, and since there are no known road laws as far as Qbee Land is concerned, The Platinum Paladin floored the Scamhunter. And the car shot off like a rocket! It went flying to the point where even the guardrail turned into a blur. The experience was similar to hitting 200 miles per hour! And that was not even with the "booster" engaged. That was just the normal performance of the car by itself. "Now imagine if I had to dodge traffic!" He was shooting the car across the lanes, pretending that he was magnificently evading ongoing cars and crooks. The Platinum Paladin exclaimed, "WHAT A THRILL!" Professor instead said, "What a terror..."

In what seemed like hardly a minute or two, the car had passed the thousands of blocks from Paladin City to Capital City. "Well, that was fun! Back to work. Hey, thanks for the test drive, Professor. I assume you can drive yourself back?"
"I can."

The Professor went back to Paladin City Advanced Research Laboratory, leaving The Platinum Paladin to continue with his agenda for the day. Scamhunter was shaping up to be everything he had dreamed. And it was awesome, and will continue to be awesome for future epics to come! ;)
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