How I lost my Account

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Hi guys its Ain't Hacker' and this is the story of how i lost over 1.5 million worth of stuff. So one day i heard from my friend that if you said your password aloud it would blot itout like a curse. So i did it in an empty realm but then my friend came in. Suddenly the next day, the day when the egg hunt came out, i couldnt log in. I went on my alternate account and i saw it. My snowman, Motley Pants, Motley Shirt, Jester Cane, Fool's Cap, Jester Backpack, Beaglepuss, 5 Banana Split hats, Red balloon, Valentine wings, Turkey Bolo, Brown Suit, Brown Pants, Toy soldier gun, 335,000 cubits, Green Fishing hat, blue fishing hat, the yellow fishing hat, All of the tournament fish (30 of each about), 30 vends, 20 pows, 4 Krampus Sets (2020), 5 pink balloons, 1 unicorn set, one pink tutu, Dark traveler set, executioner mask, Dark angel wings. ALL OF IT IS GONE!!!!!! So yea guys. Bye.

*Edited by moderator. Removed player's name to avoid public shaming. It has not been confirmed who used the password to get into the account or who removed the items.


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    Hi Ain't Hacker', I'm sorry to hear that, but I think if you send a ticket you can get your acc back. Probably Mabz going to say that you need to create a new Cubic Castles account and he going to compare IPs, and if he saw that account has the same IP, I'm sure he going to give it back. Plus you can report the guy who stole your acc on that same ticket.
  • I got my acc back but all my stuff is gone.
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